Styroliner provides a simple and cost-effective solution to insulating walls. lt is suitable for refurbishment and new build applications. Styroliner comprises plasterboard bonded to a backing of Styrofoam to provide an effective, energy saving wall insulation board.

Key Benefits

  • Order direct from the manufacturer!
  • Insulation & plasterboard finish in one panel
  • Ideal for upgrading insulation on existing walls
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Simple fixing technique
  • BBA approved

Styroliner – Building and insulating walls with ash wood and wallnut wood

One of the reasons that wood as a material is popular in construction work is due to its insulating properties, being a poor conductor of heat and a good insulator, woods such as wallnut wood make excellent wooden walls. You’ll often see these types of wood used in eco friendly wooden homes but their insulation and heat retention properties are just a few reasons that they’re used. Styroliner is and excellent material to be placed within the recesses of these types of walls too, styroliner coupled with wood make an excellent insulating barrier for homes.

Why wallnut and ash wood make popular insulators

walnut wood styroliner

If we all constructed our homes with solely practical purposes in mind, they certainly wouldn’t be pretty places to live. Fortunately materials like wallnut wood and ash wood are not only practical but they also look beautiful too, ask any wood enthusiasts or even wood carpenters that work with these materials on a daily basis and they’ll tell you just how wonderful they are to work with. Ash wood is extremely hard and resistant to wear too which not only make it useful for its wall insulation properties much like styrolite but due to the fact that once its put in place, it’s really going to last.

Wallnut wood is also well known for it’s beautiful colour and grains to which help to make houses visually appealing as well as well insulated. I’ve used this wood personally in a project of mine and obtained fantastic results that I just couldn’t have got with other kinds of hardwood.

Styroliner – Insulating an industrial dishwasher and  commercial glass washer with heat resistant material

Materials like Styroliner don’t just make excellent insulators for homes and businesses but they can also be used to make machines like a commercial glass washer or industrial dishwasher far more energy efficient too. To understand why these glass washing machines need to be insulated, you first need to know a little but about how they actually work. The majority of energy that an industrial dishwasher will use will be in the actual heating up of the hot water its self, the pumps that are fitted in them these days are remarkably efficient at doing their job of pumping the water essential to a dish washer.

commercial glass washer

Insulation of the commercial glass washer water tank saves energy

The trick to insulating these machines and retaining their precious heat is to cover the boiling tank in a non heat conductive material. What this actually does then is mean that not as much energy is required to get the glass washer water up to the required temperature as less heat is actually being lost during this process. A wash cycle can last anything from 3 minutes right up to and hour depending on the settings that are used, so as you may well imagine, this can save a tremendous amount of money and energy for a relatively simple piece of technology. Now there are a variety of materials that are used to cover the boilers, the most effective are non metalic which are often found on the more expensive commercial glasswashers.

Styroliner – Working with wall insulation requires reputable Skip hire lincoln companies


Working with the wall insulation in a home can produce large amounts of waste, today I’m going to be talking about a personal projects that required large amounts of skip hire Lincoln. As you might guess, the house that I was working on was based in Lincoln and had some previous insulation but it did however have cavity walls which did make things much easier. Materials like Styroliner work best when they’re placed between to partitions of a wall, that way heat can be trapped in the material its self. The insulation that was in place wasn’t up to scratch so it needed stripping away, which is where hiring a skip actually came into play.

Getting affordable skip hire Lincoln and Derby etc

The trick with getting your skip hire affordable as I found out during this job is to really phone around to find the most competitive price on the market. You would be absolutely amazed at just how much prices can vary depending on where you actually hire your skips from. If you’re doing a large job that produces a large amount of waste and rubbish to be disposed of then it really may be worth trying to get a discount on unloading multiple numbers of skips. My next job in Derby means I’m going to need skip hire Derby and I’ll be using the same techniques to shop around there too.