Styroliner – Insulating an industrial dishwasher and glass washer with heat resistant material

Materials like Styroliner don’t just make excellent insulators for homes and businesses but they can also be used to make machines like a commercial glass washer or industrial dishwasher far more energy efficient too. To understand why these glass washing machines need to be insulated, you first need to know a little but about how they actually work. The majority of energy that an industrial dishwasher will use will be in the actual heating up of the hot water its self, the pumps that are fitted in them these days are remarkably efficient at doing their job of pumping the water essential to a dish washer.

Insulation of the commercial glass washer water tank saves energy

The trick to insulating these machines and retaining their precious heat is to cover the boiling tank in a non heat conductive material. What this actually does then is mean that not as much energy is required to get the glass washer water up to the required temperature as less heat is actually being lost during this process. A dish washer cycle can last anything from 3 minutes right up to and hour depending on the settings that are used, so as you may well imagine, this can save a tremendous amount of money and energy for a relatively simple piece of technology. Now there are a variety of materials that are used to cover the boilers, the most effective are non metalic which are often found on the more expensive commercial glasswashers.