Styroliner – Building and insulating walls with ash wood and wallnut wood

One of the reasons that wood as a material is popular in construction work is due to its insulating properties, being a poor conductor of heat and a good insulator, woods such as wallnut wood make excellent wooden walls. You’ll often see these types of wood used in eco friendly wooden homes but their insulation and heat retention properties are just a few reasons that they’re used. Styroliner is and excellent material to be placed within the recesses of these types of walls too, styroliner coupled with ashwood make an excellent insulating barrier for homes.

Why wallnut and ash wood make popular insulators

walnut wood styroliner

If we all constructed our homes with solely practical purposes in mind, they certainly wouldn’t be pretty places to live. Fortunately materials like wallnut wood are not only practical but they also look beautiful too, ask any wood enthusiasts or even wood carpenters that work with these materials on a daily basis and they’ll tell you just how wonderful they are to work with. Ash wood is extremely hard (as they’re hard woods) and resistant to wear too which not only make it useful for its wall insulation properties much like styrolite but due to the fact that once its put in place, it’s really going to last.

Wallnut wood is also well known for it’s beautiful colour and grains to which help to make houses visually appealing as well as well insulated. I’ve used this wood personally in a project of mine and obtained fantastic results that I just couldn’t have got with other kinds of hardwood.